RIFTHP Innovation Initiative on Educator Evaluation is a collaborative labor-management approach to improving teacher effectiveness and student learning through a comprehensive system of teacher evaluation and professional development.

In the Innovation Model of Teacher Evaluation the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals in partnership with school district superintendents and school administrators  is developing a comprehensive new educator development and evaluation system for Rhode Island that includes measurements of students' learning and provides meaningful feed back so educators can improve.

The Innovation Fund's new educator evaluation system, developed with the assistance of national education experts, is intended to be rigorous and objective  and focused on professional growth and improvement instead of being punitive.  The model used multiple sources of evidence to identify effective practice. Educators are categorized as highly effective, effective, minimally developing or ineffective, and those who are struggling  are provided with a professional development plan.  The new assessment tool will also include an option for a peer-review system, in which educators can observe and measure fellow educators' performance.

Rhode Island is one of seven state unions utilizing a grant from the American Federation of Teachers Innovation Fund to develop bold new initiatives in public schools. The three-year grant program is supported by union funding and major foundation donors.




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